When We Run Out of Stuff

I have driven down so many streets lined for miles with all of these little tiny businesses stacked one on top of another and wondered to myself how all of these folks manage to stay in business. WHERE are all of their customers coming from? How can all of these businesses have enough people walking through their doors that they can hang on day after day, year after year. It is beyond comprehension.

And so to I think the same thing about all of the resources that mother earth has to provide. This story makes me think -- what will happen when....

Right now 6 BILLION people are on this planet consuming the stuff of earth. I walk into a grocery store and the shelves are still filled, the gas stations still have gas, and when I flush the toilet there is water running. A huge change is coming. I hope I am old enough that I don't live in the next world after everything runs out. Posted by Hello

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