Idealism Can Be Stupid

I drove through a fairly high-rent area of Southern California this afternoon, and with activists waving signs from all four corners of an particular intersection a drive-by protest was in progress. The activists were people of that area. Students of privilege, parents of means, people that obviously have experienced more opportunity than others waving their signs and demanding attention to their cause.

Oh yah... their rant of the moment; Stop the evil President Bush and his drive to change Social Security!

Here are the very people that DO have control of their future. Who DO NOT need the safety net of outside assistance. These people are so far removed from the reality of anyone that does or will depend on assistance... it just seems stupid.

What these people are expressing is a feeling about politics, but they've chosen a cause that is hypocritical for them to represent. From the lap of luxury and privilege they want to convince us that their life is miserable because of the evil policies of the current American President.

I remember when ideology seemed the most important thing to me. I guess I don’t remember how silly I must have looked.

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