Accountability and Indifference

The news that Boeing released Harry Stonecipher, its CEO, after it was revealed he was having an affair with another executive is an interesting story because it departs from the path of indifference that people have been traveling. So often we are told that a persons shortcomings in one area should not be held against them in another... what someone does in their home should not be factored into how they might be at the office. And, because of the rise in "alternative lifestyles", we are told that lifestyle choices should not be considered in measuring a person at work.

I think Boing got it right. A person does not put on a different set of character traits as they step between work and home. Who we are, what we believe, what we will and will not accept, how we treat others, how we think, and our morality is universal to work and home. If I am capable of lying to a friend, than it makes sense that I am capable of lying to a co-worker or boss. If I demonstrate disdain for others through lifestyle choices, then my disdain will most certainly be present at work.

The most uncomfortable change in society in the last several decades has been a rising militant insistance that the rights of an individual preclude any greater good. At what point can reason and reasonability be recognized?

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