The End is Near?!

This story out of Milwaukee is heartbreaking and tragic. A bent and distraught man steps into his church, starts gunning people down, and then finishes his rampage on himself. As I read deeper into the story it occured to me that something was feeding the mind of this man, and sadly it may have been the teachings of the church he terrorized. He was a member of a church that is focused on the end of all things. 'The end is near,' is pretty much the message of the Sabbath for the Living Church of God.

His state-of-being was fed by immersion in doom. It makes sense that such a man would be drawn to a church preaching a manmade doctorine of fear. Obviously he was far from normal, not as evidenced by the life he led, but by his final actions.

The christianity I am familiar with is a faith of new beginnings and hope. Waving a Bible inside four walls does not a church make. A church is born of people connecting to the message of God. In the case of the Sabbath for the Living Church of God, they have been built on a message of man. I will pray for the victims, and, for the members that remain.

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