When Day Turns to Night

Darkness in the middle of the day. It has only been understood by mankind for a few hundred years. Before that myths, legends, and rituals was the defense of choice against what appeared to be the impending end of the world. I'm certain nothing could look better than 'saving the world' on the resume of a shaman or wizard. Even though we know what it is now, when it happens, it's still sort of creepy and unreal. On April 8th it will happen again for people in southern parts of the USA, all of Mexico and much of South America, but we'll only see a partial eclipse. To see a total eclipse you'll need to be on a ship in the middle of the South Pacific. For those of you still certain greater evil is afoot; here is your fair warning. You have six more days to gather your supplies, practice your chants, and dust off the funiture in your favorite bomb shelter.

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