The Church of England Keeping the Party Line

In 1526 King Henry VIII petitioned the Vatican to divorce his current wife in order to marry Ann Boleyn, a servant in his household. When the Vatican would not sway King Henry created the Church of England naming himself as its head and moral beacon.

Now Britain's Prince Charles, after carrying on an affair for more than 30 years, including the years of his marriage to Princess Diana, has married the woman of his affair. All in all, Prince Charles is (currently) single, and should be quite able to marry whomever he pleases (with their permission of course). But the evidence is clear, the man who will be King, and wife who will be Queen, have proven they do not have their own internal moral compass. In all cases when the good of others or self are in the balance, they have chosen for self. Such will be their legacy to England.

Too bad for England and the monarchy. And the best irony; Once Charles becomes King of England he also inherits the title as leader of the Church of England.

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