A BIG Change -- I've Given Up Nicotine

As a recent convert to the world of non-smokers I've spent a lot of time investigating what works and what does not... This article over at MedicineNet.com is fairly typical of the many ways people are dreaming up new 'tricks' to overcome a bad habit.

The answer for me came in the book on the left. Allen Carr's 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking'. And just like he promised; It was easy. No tricks, gimmicks, weird thinking or funny devices. One day I'm a smoker, the next I am not.

Of course it's true that one thing will not work for all people... so this book is not a miracle. Just mine. If you smoke, click the link, buy the book, get ready to change! Or at least, that is my hope for you in your effort. I am totally with you, man!

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