How Fast Do We Jump to Start a Cause

Over at TalkLeft they have been following a story of a judge who is reported to have told a rape victim to, "get over it." Meanwhile, the Standard-Times in New Bedford, MA (home of the judge and victim) is running a parallel story stating that no such exchange took place and the judge had been quite compassionate. Eventually this business will works itself out... No help from outsiders thank you.

In recent weeks the blogging community has been reveling in it's own positive press as one great story after another was revealed through diligent citizen reporters via the blogsphere. And rightfully so. Mainstream media could stand to lose a peg or two. But I also think that bloggers need to temper their zeal to be immediate in bringing information to their readers.

This blog, The Catalyst, is only about looking for signs of change so I don't know if TalkLeft is right in their report, or the Standard-Times. What I do see is subtle hints that citizen reporters can fall victim to the very same impulses and influences that have plagued a portion of traditional media reporters. A passion to prove the worthiness of our cause should never replace our passion to allow for truth.

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