From the Earliest of Times Depression has Haunted Society

Zack Lynch over at Brain Waves posted a report on the Cyberonics Neurodevice targeted at treating depression. Imagine that, implant a piece of electronics in just the right place and a disease that has haunted mankind since the dawn of time might be put out of business.

In the course of history, "depression" has had a long and destructive reign. Many great leaders and thinkers have been afflicted; either interrupted in mid-stride or just stone cold stopped in their tracks. AND, too many suffering from the disease have risen to places of authority or leadership where their disease did the talking creating havoc, anarchy, genocide and extinction. More importantly though, depression touches us directly by effecting those we love creating pain and sorrow that need not be.

In its most minor form I cannot imagine what is positive about the disease. It effects millions, shortens life, destroys relationships, jobs and homes, and is the most commonly shared affliction in all suicides.

In reference to the my last post... Creating new life forms could not possibly be as impactful as improving the form of the life we have.

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