The Perfect Labor Storm

I recently started looking for a new job; It's time for a new challenge. And as an "older" worker (I'm not 50 yet but I can see the corner...) I need to consider the perceptions of decision makers when they interview an "experienced" worker. One of the jobs I was just passed over for informed me that I was "too set in my ways", which I interpreted as, "there is a right way, a wrong way, and our way." And I also heard that I may be to set in my ways. OK. I can accept most of that. Actually, what I believe about myself is that I've grown accustomed to thinking for myself and having an opinion about choices. I can live with that to.

While researching labor statistics I came across this little jewel on the changing workforce released by the folks at Success Performance Solutions. As a tail-end baby-boomer I interpret the declining workforce as a pain for employers and an opportunity for me.

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