Johnny Carson: A Sad Reminder That Everything Changes

There are people that become part of the fabric of the world around us. For each of us the people and pattern is different, yet there are certain individuals a large number of us include in our fabric. These are people that touch us time and time again. They're always there and feel like part of what makes everything around us OK.

Johnny Carson passed away today. I grew up watching The Late Show. As a teen it marked the end of the day. I had to at least stay up long enough to see his opening monologue. In marriage it was a show we shared together in laughter. When Johnny left TV he left shoes that would not be filled.

To me there was something about him that seemed so real-life. I imagined he was a wonderful friend to those that knew him. I could watch him and imagine he'd be comforting to talk with; That he knew when to share, when to listen, when to laugh, when to help, and when to just be there.

When people like Johnny Carson pass away, at least for me, it takes a moment to put my world, and all the background of life back into order knowing that something is now gone and will not return. Everything is always changing. Some moments are a reminder.

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